Choosing The Best Seam Mop

Steam mops have become popular only recently. People are slowly realizing the benefits of using steam mops at home. The fact they clean much better than the usual mops is attracting many customers.  Another advantage is that steam mops can be used on any surfaces such as a tiled floor, wooden or any other type of flooring systems. They can clean the floor and keep them free of any moisture and prevent the floors from getting ruined. They prevent moisture from getting into the floor and due to this they protect the surface from getting ruined. They can be a good option for any house and it is easy to use. Due to these factors, steam mops are becoming a necessity in every household. There are so many options of steam mop available in the market that sometimes it might be difficult to choose from. To ease the process, we have the ultimate guide to buying steam mops and also steam mop reviews to help you decide which mop to choose. 
Features Of Floor Steaming Mops
Most of the steaming mops have an inbuilt water bucket. Therefore, there is no need to carry a bucket of water to clean the house. Traditional methods of carrying water buckets and mops all around the house have come to an end. Steam mops also kill 99.9% of germs which can be dangerous when kids or pets are exposed to them. Before you go ahead and get the much-wanted steam mop, here are some of the qualities you need to look for before buying one.
Ease Of Handling
Since mops will have to be carried around the house, it is important to go for a mop that is easy to use and move it around. A light-weight mop with a rotating head is important since rotating head will help in reaching some of the difficult areas in the house such as corners, underneath couches or shelves etc. 
Extra-Long Power Cable
Most of the steam mops come with a cord length of about 16-30 feet. However, the longer the cable, the easier it is to use. If the cable is shorter then, you may have to keep connecting the mop to different power sources around the house. This also makes reaching farther areas very difficult. 
Water Tank
The water tank that is built in the mop must be able to hold lots of water so that one can go on mopping for a long time. Else it will interrupt the cleaning process for refilling water. Having a removable water tank is a bonus since it can be carried towards the water outlet for filling up and is easy to clean. This can save a lot of time during the cleaning process. 
Steam Control
One has to be able to control the amount of steam that is let out. Depending on the quality of the floor, one has to be able to control the seam released. 
Power Switch
One of the most important features is the ON/OFF switch. Without that the mop has to be plugged in and out of the power socket to make it work. 

Posted Mon 25 July 2016 by Evie Dill in Blog