List Of Popular Attractions At Costa Del Sol


Enjoying a holiday with family is a great thing to energize your mind and body. There are plenty of places to visit for your family holiday. There are many reasons why Costa del Sol should be in the top of the list. This is the place, where you can find plenty of attractions, which can satisfy the needs of people with different ages. This place includes various fun activities, cultural activities, adventure activities and much more. To make your family holiday family more pleasurable, you need to find a good property for staying. You may look into the website of CLC World Free Holiday to get more information.
Tourism has become a major industry in many countries. The fact is that there are many countries, whose economy depends on tourism. This website provides crucial statistics about the specific country. It is necessary for a commoner to go through the statistics and be aware of the current trend. Now let us discuss some of the important sightseeing attractions at Costa del Sol. This place has amazing parks, aquariums, and zoos, which should not be missed. The Biopark zoo, which is located near to the Fuengirola town is great for your morning or afternoon outing.
In this zoo, you can see the silverback gorillas, tigers, snakes, crocodiles and much more. To get more information about this zoo, you may visit their official website. Selwo Marina is located adjacent to the Paloma Park. This is the popular Dolphinarium, which is loved by the kids. This place also exhibits sea lion shows. Zoo de Castellar is a zoo, where you can see a wide range of animals such as tigers, ostrich, monkeys, snakes, rabbits, vultures, eagles, crocodiles, hyena and Vietnamese pigs.
Selwo Aventura Wildlife Park, which is located at Estepona is the Costa del Sol's largest wildlife park. This park provides an opportunity to view the fiercest animals from Africa and Asia. It takes few hours to explore the whole of the park. So you should be prepared to tackle the sun. Sea Life aquarium on the Benalmadena Marina can be a great educational outing for your kid. There are many underwater creatures such as jellyfish, sharks, sea rays, giant turtles, octopus and much more.
Paloma Park, which located at the Benalmadena Costa, is a spacious park, which also has a lake at the center. Kids can enjoy roaming around the park, feed the fish, climb trees, etc. There is no entry fee for this park. The La Bateria Park is another place, which has no entry fee. Located at the Torremolinos, this park has plenty of green areas and playgrounds to offer play time for little kids.
Butterfly Park has a collection of around 150 butterfly species. This is located at the Benalmadena Pueblo and this area provides plenty of opportunities for capturing photographs. So, do not forget to carry the camera with you. Crocodile Park is another important sightseeing destination, which is a home of over 200 crocodiles. To find more details about the attraction at Costa del Sol, you have to browse the Internet. You should also search the Internet to find the right accommodation.

Posted Sat 06 February 2016 by Evie Dill in Blog