Top Tricks to Amaze Strangers


These methods of easy card tricks produce direct and strong impression on the minds of the watchers. In this method from a shuffled deck of witness, the performer gives any 4 black cards and any 4 red cards. These cards are shuffled in sync by both the performer and the viewer. The performer puts the cards alone and by the sensation of touch, separates the red cards from the black ones.
Here a person hand you four red cards that are face up in your left hand facing you. Now ask for four black cards and are picked out from the deck. Now get the red bundle and mark a downward curve to the cards, which are at the tip of the right hand.
Now extend the left hand to receive the black cards and set them at the top of the red cards where your right hand is placed. Now take your hands and shuffle the bundle. Pass the packet to the viewer for mixing. After mixing, the modified corners will still last at the inner end and they will not be detected.  Have back the pack, keep the cards face down, and feel for a modified corer. If the straight comes in face down saying “that’s not the color”. When you find the bent card, straight it before you bring in and say, “That’s the color”.
Finally, you will have the packet of four face down cards at right and 4 at left. Just turn it around and prove it to the audience that you separated the black and the red cards. More of the tricks only execution is very important to this method. One needs to identify and do the tricks immediately in a fraction of second. This entertains the audience as well as the performer. 

Posted Sun 27 March 2016 by Evie Dill in Amaze Tricks